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Förderverein CINARCHEA e.V.

Der Verein CINARCHEA e.V. ist aufgelöst. Seine Gläubiger werden aufgefordert, ihre Ansprüche bei dem Liquidator anzumelden:

Dr. Benjamin Irkens

Düsseldorfer Straße 144

40545 Düsseldorf.


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History of the association

Since its foundation in 1994 by the director and documentary filmmaker Dr. Kurt Denzer, the Förderverein CINARCHEA e.V. has been promoting the medial communication of cultural-historical topics to a broad audience.


Initially, the focus was on archaeology and the medium of film, and from the very beginning the biennial international archaeology film art festival CINARCHEA has been the central forum of the association. In the meantime, the orientation of the association and the programme of the festival have developed further.


In addition to archaeology, art and cultural history issues are now also addressed, with digital media as well as audio and print formats taking their place alongside the classic medium of documentary film. The name of the festival organised by the association was also adapted:


In 2020, the Biennale will start for the first time under the name ARTEFACTA - International Festival for Audio-visual Representations of Archaeology, Cultural History and Art.