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in Düsseldorf

Nach zwei langen Jahren Coronapandemie und mehreren Verschiebungen war es nun endlich soweit: Das ARTEFACTA-Festival fand im Mai in Düsseldorf statt! Wir konnten die besten der mehr als 130 weltweiten Einreichungen mit Themen aus den Fachbereichen Archäologie, Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte einem interessierten Publikum aus Jung und Alt präsentieren.


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The Förderverein CINARCHEA e.V. presents the various forms of media engagement with the topics of archaeology, art and history by means of a festival that takes place every two years. The spectrum ranges from artistic visualizations and playful adaptations to the thematic inclusion of individual aspects from this field in film and television, the latter still being one of the main focuses. Especially with the arrival of the new media in science and the public, these media are becoming more and more important in our attention.


The main tasks of the association are carried out by a 5-member board. It is responsible for the management of the association's business, the organisation as well as the preparation and follow-up of the festival.